Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Back to blogging..

Hurray... Finally got access to this account after a looong time..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fans??? or Hooligans???

How much had happenned in the past two days. Protests, strikes, lathi charge, angry mobs pelting stones, firings of tear gas by police, sabotage of public and private property and the result.... eight died including a police constable and the damage worth nearly 50 million dollars. All this because the ardent fans of the legendary kannada star didn't get a last glimpse of their favourite star. Blame it on the poor crowd-controlling by the police at the kanteerava stadium or on the fans and supporters of the star who went berserk attacking the police and the property or on the cheap tactics played by our politicians always looking for that exact moment to create turmoil.

Whatever the reason may be, the results are alarming. The city was literally shut down on wednesday evening and the following thursday. The entire software industry came to a halt on thursday causing a loss in tens of millions of dollars. Which rational mind can support this sense-less act in the name of fan-hood?? Is this the way to pay tribute to thier favourite star by torching buses or by attacking police?? Is this the way to bode him farewell whose mantra is peace??

This is a great example of how people, who indulge themselves in the flood of fanfare, can be so dumb and so blind. What's wrong with these people, can't these dumb shit dick heads even think? Idiolizing a movie star and risking everything for them, even their lifes, is sheer madness. Be it in the case of Raj Kumar or the salman khan issue. Also media hype on these issues is becoming unbearable. Don't they have anything to show or write other than how many days salman khan stayed in the jail? Did the jail officials provided him with mosquito repellants? blah.. blah.. blah.. What a crap... How much more dumb can people become day after day. Who's to blame for all these sense-less actions? Is it the media hype or the people thinking getting screwed day by day?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dual Thoughts . .

Imagine a situation where every second option you think of is not only becoming a reality but indeed is far better choice than the first one. After reminding all my (somewhat painful) experiences from the past I can say that I am a victim of this wierd philosophy. As far as I can remember, the first blow of this effect struck me when I was in my Senior Inter (+12) eagerly waiting for the results of my board examinations. My worst fears came true when I found out that I haven't got enough score to secure a seat in BITS (my first option). My second option, which I dreaded to think off, is to do a long-term. It seems that this philosophy had focused its entire concentration on me I have nothing to do but to prepare myself for the long-term. I always thought of preparing for IIT's since my school days. I thought it's better late than never and packed my bags to pursue my fruitless dream of getting an admission in IIT's. At that time Gautam college is considered the best around for the IIT coaching. So I joined Gautam college (hostel) to do IIT long-term, at that moment my first option to secure a seat in IIT. At this point all of you might be wondering "Isn't he thinking a bit extra?? Getting into IIT by preparing only one year where people take years to make their dream come true" Don't be hasty. . You will soon find out about my hard determination. Just two days after joining the hostel, everything is getting more clear to me. I realized that I am nowhere near in acheiving my goal. Soon I dropped out of that college and joined another college in my city to do my long-term in EAMCET, my second option. Unfortunately even the college which I joined is my second option. At that point getting a good rank in EAMCET was my first priority. For the sake of having an option I appeared for the exam of DA-IICT. Fortunately, I got an admission in DA-IICT which is considered as an IIT++, obviously not by us but by our previous director. Also I realized that my dream of getting into IIT's can never come this close (by getting into IIT++). By now you would have realized how strong this philosphy is having its effect on me. Like these I have countless experiences during my graduate years. The most recent one I can think of is getting an internship offer from Sun Microsystems, which of course is my second option. The first option which I have is to join Nielsoft, as they offered the internship in the campus placements. This so called philosophy is raising some serious doubts in me. Is it my fault of having lack of determination towards my goals? Or is it that the path I have choosen has the hidden jewels??
Don't know what surprises it held for me in the future.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Atlast.... I mustered all my courage to write a blog.

When I first saw my friends blogging, my first impression was 'What the heck are they doing? Why are they wasting their time in posting blogs and reading other blogs'. Though I have no right to comment on wasting of time, as I myself has literally spend most of the time wasting (.. I would prefer the term 'enlightning and exhilarating experience' rather than the term 'wasting' here. But I don't want to hold any grudges) on 'Gaming'.. That's a different story. There are many causes for this so called mis-interpretation of mine. First, untill the previous semester I don't know exactly what the blogging means. I thought it of as work of those who don't know how to while-away their time. Now as the time goes on it's a natural phenomenon for one to mature, think and understand. I think my time has eventually arrived as I better understand what these so called 'blogging' means.